Searchspring customers use Gobot to transform their site search into a revenue boosting conversational experience

Enable conversational search via Gobot's AI chatbot interface layered on top of Searchspring's advanced search and integrated with your website.


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If a shopper has taken the initiative to search, it's critical that you capitalize on this opportunity. Why?

"12% of users will go to a competitor's site after an unsuccessful search"
- KISSMetrics
"Shoppers using search spend 2.6x more"
- Salesforce (Demandware)


Force site searchers to use precise, unnatural keywords and browse through endless search results. Upon click of search result, search engine is no longer part of the browsing process.


Make it easy for shoppers to find what they need. Use an AI chatbot that leverages Gobot + Searchspring's intelligence to guide shoppers to just the right product, through the purchase process and beyond, into customer service and resale.
Combine shopper preferences collected by your chatbot with Searchspring's advanced search so as to present personalized recommendations and answer questions in chat, through purchase and beyond. Click the bot below to see:

From conversations to curated recommendations:

Product Finder Meets Merchandising Rules

Product recommendations delivered by Gobot are curated based on direct shopper input in chat.  The order of the recommendations is optimized based on Searchspring merchandising rules. For example, stores can pin certain products to the top of their Gobot recommendations or entirely hide products. Stores can also boost products so they appear higher in the list based on merchandising rules, e.g., boost visibility of new products or sale products or products in a particular category, etc.
"43% of site visitors go immediately to search boxes"
Forrester Research
Gobot knows exactly when to appear to complement the Searchspring search experience, boosting revenue and slashing abandonment. Consider the common scenarios below where Gobot fills the search void:

Scenario #1: 
Visitor initiated search but doesn't know exactly what to search for.

Search suggestions and autocomplete only go so far. Most shoppers know what they want to achieve but don’t always know what product or technical features they need to achieve their goal. Integrate Gobot directly into your search window and offer shoppers an alternative, and more conversational, way to find what they're looking for.

Scenario #2: 
Visitor conducts a search and is redirected to a very busy search results page.

Shoppers are often overwhelmed with the choices presented to them. Gobot detects what your shoppers are searching for and rolls out a personalized product finder bot on your search results page that guides your shopper to just the right product based on expressed preferences.

Scenario #3: 
Search directs a visitor to a product page, but uncertainty remains.

Today, a visitor types a set of keywords and the search yields a list of results.  The visitor then chooses a single result and leaves the search engine.  Once a searcher clicks on a search result link, the search engine ceases to be useful to the searcher - the search engine is no longer part of the browsing process.  With Gobot + Searchspring, search proves valuable from the beginning of a search through the purchase process and beyond, into customer service and resale.

Scenario #4: 
Search yields zero results.

Upon detection of zero search results, which presents a very high risk of shopper abandonment, Gobot offers to guide shoppers to just the right product.

Works well with your entire stack

Gobot is fully integrated with the best eCommerce apps, including Zendesk, Gorgias, Klaviyo, Yotpo,, and others.
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Guided Selling for eCommerce

Learn how to use Gobot’s guided selling chatbot to put the right products in front of the right customers.
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