Get a COVID-19 Chatbot, Today.

Gobot is offering setup and management of smart support chatbots to public safety agencies during the COVID-19 pandemic. We'll implement your bot quickly. Automatically address questions regarding the virus and reduce burden on your team.
Leverage data and learnings from Gobot's chatbot, used by the nation's largest Sheriff's Department
Dramatically reduce your department's call burden. Leverage your chatbot to automatically address repetitive FAQs.
Get up and running quickly. Expand functionality later as necessary.
”The staff here see it as a couple hundred phone calls that they didn’t get on a daily basis. We still get calls, but I believe the chatbot is getting people the information that they need faster than humanly possible!”
LT. AJ Rotella
Los Angeles Sheriff's Department

AI-Powered Help Suggestions

Gobot utilizes Natural Language Processing to study visitor queries and instantly deliver accurate responses.

Easily create, organize
& publish help articles

Gobot uses your help content to intelligently suggest answers to questions.
You can also leverage Gobot's full page Knowledge Base as your website's public Help Center.


Get a COVID-19 Chatbot, Today.