Our Story

We’re an ambitious team with a shared mission.

Since 2017, we’ve been focused on bringing messaging and AI to businesses and organizations.  Our goal has been, and remains, to empower stakeholders both inside and outside of the IT department to leverage automation and make attractive chatbots that are easy-to-use and implement for everyone.

Headquartered in the beautiful suburbs of Ridgewood, NJ, a half-hour outside of NYC, the tranquil environment sets an ideal background and zen balance to the high tech, fast-paced work that lives inside Gobot day-in and day-out.

Gobot’s values are deeply rooted in the history of the company and experience of its Founder, Max Ronai. Before building Gobot, Max was exposed firsthand to the challenge of buying products and getting support online. 

Being part of the Y/Z generation, this experience was especially frustrating.  Max grew up with messaging as his primary medium of communication. Stores, however, simply didn’t communicate in the same way, and Max was absolutely intent on leading this medium transition.

Gobot’s initial focus was to make chatbots available to ordinary people without coding skills.  The original goal was to introduce a drag n’ drop chatbot platform that was super easy-to-use and allowed stores and organizations to build beautiful fully customizable chabots that matched their websites and looked great. After serving thousands of stores, and studying the buying and abandonment patterns of countess online shoppers, Gobot’s platform evolved and leveraged these learnings.

Max was dumbstruck by the abysmal conversion rate of the average online store hovering around 2% (confirm?), especially after seeing how much Gobot users were spending on advertising to drive traffic to their sites.  The solution, he posited, and ultimately incorporated into Gobot’s DNA, was to use a chatbot to proactively offer support to shoppers at critical junctures in the shopping journey where they are most inclined to abandon.

And so Gobot, as we know it today, was born!

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