Refer your clients. We'll do the rest.

Drive agency revenue growth by adding intelligent sales and support AI chatbots to your offering. Serve as the liaison with your clients and let Gobot do all the work functioning as your virtual chatbot arm. Gobot partners earn significant recurring revenue and get exclusive access to new leads.
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Gobot partners with the most innovative and fast growing agencies

Earn recurring revenue

Gobot provides recurring payments for customers your agency refers. You can either keep your cut of the revenue or pass the savings on to your clients.
Drive Additional Revenue
Immediately grow your agency revenue at no cost and with minimal time investment by bringing on Gobot’s chatbot team as your virtual chatbot arm.
Get Sent Hot Leads
Get exclusive access to hot leads to grow your client base. We offer exposure to thousands of fast growing stores that can benefit from your services. You'll get access to co-marketing opportunities like webinars, newsletters, blog posts, and more.
High Quality Sales Materials
We'll provide you with all the materials necessary to sell Gobot via our training program. You'll be armed with whitepapers, case studies, eBooks, decks, and anything else you need.
Chatbot Education
We'll show you the ins and outs of building revenue boosting, support automating chatbots using Gobot.
Access to Beta Features
Get insider access to powerful upcoming features and partner events.
Invite to our Slack Channel
Gobot partners get access to a Slack channel that is shared with the Gobot team for easy collaboration.

Make sure that your clients don't switch to another agency for their chatbot needs.

Embrace chatbots as an opportunity to expand your offering via Gobot's partner program.
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